About Us

Who are we?

Discovering pests within your home or business is undoubtedly distressing. It is, therefore, important to eradicate the problem from your property as soon as possible with the best pest control services. With more than 26 years’ experience, you can trust that our experienced, knowledgeable pest controllers can resolve the issue effectively and safely. 

Each pest controller is fully trained and insured, and have gained a pest control certificate following the completion of Killgerm pest control courses. Our family run business is part of well-known, specialist respected cleaners: Gooch Group Ltd. You can trust in our exceptional local and commercial pest control solutions.  

What do we offer?

We are proud to provide a wide variety of exterminator services to help you say goodbye to troublesome pests for good. From bird and termite control to rodent and flea treatments, you can trust we have the skills, equipment and experience to tackle the problem. 

Our pest removal experts can provide customised commercial and pest control services in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and surrounding areas. Each solution will be based on your individual needs; for example, we can bait or trap the area.  Pests on your business premises can unfortunately affect trade and breach various health and safety laws, whilst impacting your reputation. It is essential to take control of the property once and for all. 

A qualified specialist will be more than happy to discuss your pest infestation to make an informed decision. As a result, they can recommend the most effective treatment to efficiently and quickly resolve the issue, and can provide an accurate, affordable quotation. What’s more, we can also repair minor damage pests have caused to your property, and, if required, we are happy to remove the dead carcasses from your home or commercial space.  

Why Gooch Pest Control Services?

We are a family-run business, so we understand the importance of a pest-free home or business. For this reason, we provide our customers with a fast response time and professional pest control services. Our aim is to set the standard in the industry, as we strive to provide the highest level of customer care combined with exceptional value and dependability. 

Every infestation is different. Fortunately, our team have many years’ experience to approach each scenario with the level of expertise required. You can, therefore, trust there is no pest problem too big or too small for our dedicated specialists. What’s more, our talented experts are on hand to tackle any infestation for both commercial and domestic properties. 

We take pride in the fact our pest controllers can deal with all common pest species, including rabbits, cockroaches, bats and squirrels. So, whether you are living with bed bugs, struggling with an ant problem or battling bats, we will deliver targeted treatments to help you take back control of your property as soon as possible.   

Contact Us

Don’t allow a pest problem to spiral. Simply telephone our friendly, helpful team to book our discreet, professional and affordable pest control services. We can also provide emergency domestic and commercial solutions and send an expert to your address immediately. 

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We also offer emergency services, if you need our help out of our opening hours, please just give us a call on 01242 528564 and we may be able to help you.